Category: Workplace Ethics

The Sad Fall of Mark Hurd

After taking over as CEO in 2005, Mark Hurd revived HP, turning around its performance, making strategic acquisitions and trimming the workforce. When other technology companies and the stock market faltered in recent years, HP’s performance kept rocketing upward. Late Friday, we read the shocking news announcing Hurd’s immediate resignation from HP

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Make it Right BEFORE Disaster Strikes

I’ve been watching BP’s television commercials flooding the airways. They provide an impressive narrative on the wide range of actions and the commitment the company is making to clean up the Deep Horizon oil spill disaster. As I saw my third or fourth ad today while exercising, I wondered how much BP

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When the Law's Not Enough to Fix the Problem

The pharmaceutical firm that keeps selling a profitable medication though its researchers know it has significantly adverse side effects The hospital that tolerates physicians’ abusive behavior though aware of the distraction their conduct causes during day-to-day practice The automobile manufacturer that conceals a discovered defect that could cause fatalities rather

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Confidentiality Has Its Limits (At Times, That Is)

“We’ve completed the investigation, and the matter has been resolved.” “Did you verify what I told you? Has he/she been disciplined? Will this stop? What happens next?” “All I can tell you is that this has been resolved; if you have further issues, please let us know. We are required

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