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Subtle and Unconscious Bias at Work

Cultural change requires a focus on specific behaviors. However, ferreting out harmful behaviors isn’t always easy. Although blatant and egregious examples of racism still exist, many of the behaviors that damage diversity and inclusion efforts in today’s companies are more subtle.

In many cases, workplace discrimination happens completely unconsciously: Even the people who consider themselves to be very fair and welcoming to all groups can be responsible for bias.

However, benign …

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There are plenty of bad workplace behaviors that aren’t classified as discrimination, but that have the same bad effects on business. A few examples of these uncivil behaviors are disruptive behavior (yelling, swearing, outbursts, etc.), bullying and sexual harassment.

These behaviors all have similar consequences: employee turnover, poor morale resulting in lost productivity, teams that do not work well together, and so on.

However, they also have similar solutions. The …

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Making and Executing a Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan

Diversity and inclusion issues are getting a lot of press these days. More companies are beginning to understand that making a real effort to prevent these types of behaviors is essential.

Once you understand the hallmarks of an inclusive culture that will benefit your business, it’s time to take action. Let’s get specific about which behaviors will lead to the type of culture you want to establish.

Establish Value-Linked Behaviors

The …

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How Diversity and Inclusion Manifest in Business Culture

“Culture” can be loosely defined as a collection of values that indicate which behaviors are encouraged and discouraged within a community.

If you want to know what any company’s values are, don’t bother reading the mission statement, or even the list of “values” that they’ve posted online. These can be a great step in the right direction, and there’s even a chance that they’re accurate. But in reality, they’re just …

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The Bottom Line on Diversity and Inclusion - ELI, Inc.

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