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How Diversity and Inclusion Manifest in Business Culture

“Culture” can be loosely defined as a collection of values that indicate which behaviors are encouraged and discouraged within a community.

If you want to know what any company’s values are, don’t bother reading the mission statement, or even the list of “values” that they’ve posted online. These can be a great step in the right direction, and there’s even a chance that they’re accurate. But in reality, they’re just …

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The Bottom Line on Diversity and Inclusion - ELI, Inc.

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The business case for diversity

Diversity and inclusion issues are getting a lot of press these days. People see lawsuits in the news and shake their heads at the egregious examples of racism, sexism, and discrimination that continue to come to light.

More companies are beginning to understand that making a real effort to prevent these types of behaviors is essential. Often, their first instinct is to have HR implement standard diversity training for employees.…

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Companies that value diversity and inclusion tend to make better hires, work more productively in teams, and reach financial goals more easily.

However, getting those business benefits isn’t as easy as switching up your recruitment sources to focus on increasing the numbers of certain marginalized groups.

A diverse workforce is only one step toward what should be the final goal: a culturally competent workforce. Cultural competence refers to a deeper …

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Your company’s success depends on your ability to make great hires.

Many business leaders know this and go to great lengths to attract the best candidates. However, there’s a hidden force keeping a majority of companies from hiring the most qualified applicants, despite their conscious efforts.

That force is unconscious bias. It’s a natural function of the human brain, and it affects us all — even the most well-meaning …

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