Bullies, Big Shots and Bystanders

Abusive bullies, powerful big shots, and passive bystanders – any of these, and most certainly all, can have a detrimental effect on mission success.  Tremendous organizational harm may be inflected and both legal and reputational risks increase with these types of behaviors. This interactive session will address how to mitigate harms associated with workforce passivity, leaders’ flagrant rule-breaking, and persistent abusive treatment of others.
We will provide new approaches for preventing such misbehavior and effectively dealing with engaging bystanders to help correct behaviors that are counter to mission values and success.  Interjecting current news headlines and realistic video scenarios, the speaker will address the following topics in this session:   

  1. eliminate abusive behavior and align senior leaders as positive role models;
  2. address inappropriate workplace behavior – solving the problem holistically and proactively;
  3. challenge individual resistance to expected workplace behavior regardless of leadership level or authority within the organization;
  4. engage bystanders to take part in creating better workplace cultures.

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