Building a defense or creating an impact?

Ask yourself this question: When your organization plans a training initiative, which of these two statements is closer to the truth:

  1. We are holding the training so we can say we did it and have proof in case we are sued.
  2. We are planning the training to have an impact on daily behavior which extends beyond the event itself.

If your organization is planning to train in order to build a defense, look for content that is legally accurate, can be rapidly deployed, and tracks participant completion. There are many fine courses that do this and price is likely the key differentiator.
However, changing behavior is a process, not a single event. It requires education, skills, leadership commitment, and reinforcement. Trying to change behavior by delivering a single class is similar to taking a single guitar lesson and expecting to play the blues like Eric Clapton. Both require learning, practice, and skills, not just a great class, no matter how engaging.

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