Breaking Bad: Creating A Culture of Civility and Professionalism And Why it Matters

This interactive webcast explores examples illustrating risks to safety, engagement, customers, and bottom line results when people behave badly.  More importantly, we will offer insight on steps that can be taken to deliberately create and maintain a workplace culture that actively demonstrates commitment to compliance, civility and professional values, and why this is necessary to sustained individual, organizational, and team success. Particular emphasis will be given to building a business case for civility and how team members in corporate compliance positions can define leadership accountability.

Workplace Application

Participants will learn (1) why and how to correct negative workplace behaviors and (2) what actions can be taken to promote a culture of civility and professionalism throughout their organization, while staying compliant and gaining support of the leaders in their workplace.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to:

  • Correct and prevent negative behaviors to minimize business, safety, compliance and legal risks
  • Develop a cultural perspective for promoting and sustaining civility and professionalism
  • Understand specific elements that define workplace culture and how to positively impact them if the culture needs to change
  • Build an effective business case for civility and leadership accountability to achieve positive results
  • Develop a plan of action that can be implemented after the session

Additional Information

We will incorporate realistic examples to illustrate core concepts and learning objectives with video vignettes and current events.
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This webcast is suitable for all corporate compliance positions.

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