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Three Pieces to the Retaliation Puzzle

A friend recently sent me a blog post advising employees how to diplomatically raise ethical workplace issues. Doing so may help prevent career damage and, in some instances, allow the problem to be investigated and resolved. The same week, I read an article written by a labor and employment lawyer who discussed how to avoid retaliation claims in terms of what is said and documented,

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Dealing with Bullies in a Different Kind of Workplace: Schools

Imagine that you go to work every day and are taunted to your face and called hurtful names by groups of your co-workers. Unrelenting insults and threats come blasting into your cell phone. You’re yelled at and mocked in front of your colleagues. Your manager sees some of this happen and asks you if you’re OK; you mumble “yes.” Later, you tell your leader you

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A Simple Solution for Preventing Retaliation

As I recently wrote, EEOC retaliation claims are on the rise. In fact, through last year, they represented the most frequently filed type of charge alleging illegal conduct. The EEOC and the statutes it enforces are only one source for such claims. Across the federal spectrum, a range of other laws prohibit retaliation, as do many state, local, and other administrative protections. Many of these

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Complexity Squashes Ethics – Fight Back with Simplicity

We’ve made ethics, compliance, and daily behavioral standards too complex. By trying to convey too much, we accomplish too little. We need to simplify messages, repeat them to make them memorable, and cut through the clutter of information that confuses rather than clarifies our objectives. That’s my simple message; the rest of what follows is “proof.” We are all flooded with information, more than any

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More about Bad Docs

Bad doctors lose patients they shouldn’t, cause avoidable complications, distract team members who may deliver the wrong medication, or cause others to keep quiet when they should speak up about problems. I’m not talking about physicians who lack clinical skills, though some may. Rather, these bad docs may have great and even extraordinary talents. But they scream, berate, physically intrude, threaten, and demean team members

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When the Law's Not Enough to Fix the Problem

The pharmaceutical firm that keeps selling a profitable medication though its researchers know it has significantly adverse side effects The hospital that tolerates physicians’ abusive behavior though aware of the distraction their conduct causes during day-to-day practice The automobile manufacturer that conceals a discovered defect that could cause fatalities rather than absorb the costs of expensive product recalls Organizational disasters have resulted recently from each

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