Why Aren’t Things Getting Better?

Even with the rise of #Metoo, well-known figures continue to engage in blatant acts of sexual harassment. Even after decades of the civil rights movement, organizations of all kinds engage in systemic racial and gender bias. Even though study after study shows the importance of respect and inclusion in the workplace, big shots get away with outrageous behavior aimed at subordinates. Sure, there has been

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Why Learning Requires Doing (and What That Means for Employee Training)

Most of us can recall a few instances where we were required to sit through a lecture that bored us to tears. We can also think of times when our parents gave us good advice, only for us to disregard it and learn for ourselves the hard way. And many of us remember clearly how learning in a traditional classroom, listening attentively at our desks,

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5 Tips for Preventing Retaliation Claims

News about job-related retaliation claims might not snag as many headlines as shocking cases of sexual harassment or racial discrimination in the workplace. But retaliation cases, which deal with employees being punished for legally protected actions made at work, make up almost half of all workplace discrimination charges. State and local agencies may regulate retaliation, too, so there are plenty of grounds for claims. To

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How to Spot (and Stop) a Potential “Super Harasser”

Over the past few years, we’ve watched the downfalls of seemingly untouchable powerful men who have abused their power to harass and intimidate the people around them. As each one’s behavior was exposed, there was shock from the public and inevitable questions from the rest of us. How did they get away with it? Who knew about it? How was it allowed to continue? The

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What is Workplace Civility Training for Employees?

An annual poll conducted by Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate KRC Research reported that 93% of Americans feel that “civility” in today’s society is problematic. In our divisive and politically charged climate, this type of offensive, ill-mannered behavior is on the rise, and while not illegal, the hostile environment it creates leads to significant business and social costs. In fact, a Harvard Business School study of

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