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Biggest Misconceptions About Diversity Training … and What You Should Do About It

The best workplace leaders know that diversity is much more than a buzzword.

It’s not something that should be approached primarily from a branding standpoint, or simply regarded with trepidation as a potential liability.

Workforce diversity is an advantage. It paves the way for an organization to make the best hires, and it helps build teams that are more creative, adaptable and productive.

The first step that many leaders get …

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Top 8 New Year’s Resolutions for HR Managers

If you work as an HR manager, you have many ideas about what you’d like to see in your workforce. You want your company to be a welcoming place, with employees who respect each other and call out bad behavior. You probably see the potential to get there and spend many hours trying to make it happen.

Regardless of whether you subscribe to the practice of New Year’s Resolutions, annual

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ELI’s blog provides a variety of helpful resources that address uncivil behavior and offers ideas for you to consider when cultivating a healthy environment in the workplace. As we kick-off a new year, here’s a countdown of ELI’s Top 5 Blog Posts for 2018:

5. Four Simple Guidelines for Men Afraid of #MeToo

How should men conduct themselves in today’s workplace? It’s a question I’ve heard gradually bubbling up as …

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Diversity training mistakes

A diverse and welcoming culture comes with undeniable business advantages: Teams that work well together, a better chance at attracting the very best talent, and easier transitions into new markets are just a few of them.

Thankfully, a growing number of employers are realizing this. They’re also understanding that a diverse and welcoming workplace culture doesn’t simply create itself. It requires time, attention and careful effort.

One of the crucial …

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Social Media Policy

Keeping up with all the latest ways people communicate can be intimidating. The social media landscape is always changing, with new ideas and networks being invented, adopted, and sometimes discarded regularly.

Should the HR department be making sure that employees understand what’s appropriate when it comes to each individual social media account their employees use in their personal time?

Although different social media platforms pose different risks, your organization can …

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Harassment in Government

The awareness and victories gained from the #MeToo movement have been especially notable in fields such as entertainment, business, and even politics.

But there’s one sector that may be suffering from pervasive harassment problems and toxic culture that hasn’t seen much change: The government sector.

A March 2018 study cited here in the Washington Post found that sexual harassment is common in federal offices, with 1 in 5 women at …

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4 Ways to Maximize the Impact of Civility Training

Delivering civility training is critical for establishing and maintaining productive inclusive workplaces, especially in today’s divisive, politically charged climate.

If you want the lessons of civil behavior to really take hold in your organization, your civility initiative should be seen as a means to positively affect results and help surface new ideas and issues.

How can you make sure your training leads to increased civil behavior?

I have four recommendations. The …

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