How Will You Act in Your Workplace TOMORROW?

How Will You Act in Your Workplace TOMORROW?

Today is election day in the U.S. We may know which Presidential candidate won tonight or it may take days or even weeks before a winner is declared. Either way, I ask you to imagine that your preferred candidate loses. How will you personally think, act, and feel? Now imagine that your preferred candidate wins. How would that change your thoughts, actions, and feelings? And

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Support Employees Through Parenthood

How Companies Can Support Employees Through Parenthood

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the workplace, from making in-person meetings obsolete to requiring employees to remain six feet apart at work. But one of the other significant ways that the virus has impacted organizations’ ability to get work done has happened outside of the physical office: The interruption in childcare for parents. Even as some daycares and schools begin to

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Three Important Steps to Take When Dealing With a Workplace Bully

How to Deal with a Workplace Bully in 3 Steps

As we wrote in our post 4 Types of Workplace Bullies and How to Deal With Them, not all bullies are the stereotypical demanding-boss-type. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. They can be supervisors, or they can be peers. They can bully by yelling and intimidation, or they can do it by withholding important information or spreading rumors. Regardless of the type of bullying

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Executive order on Diversity & Inclusion

ELI’s Response to the Executive Order on Diversity & Inclusion

ELI’s learning solutions help clients obtain their best results in line with their mission and values. Since 1986, public and private employers have used ELI programs to realize their commitment to building enduring Civil Treatment® Workplaces staffed by diverse, respectful and engaged team members. Together, they do their best work connected by a commitment to their organization’s objectives, guiding principles and standards. On October 2,

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Transgender Workplace Discrimination: What You Need to Know

In the Know: Transgender Workplace Discrimination

The Supreme Court’s decision earlier this year to apply discrimination protections to gender identity and sexual orientation was a huge win for advocates of LGBTQ rights. Until that decision, it had been technically legal in many states to fire employees for no other reason than for being gay or transgender, or for being non-conforming to traditional gender standards in other ways. The recent decision is

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Five Ways to Deal With Difficult Employees

How to Deal with Difficult Employees in The Workplace

Interpersonal struggles are inevitable in the workplace. Each one of us is human, and each one of us has pet peeves or issues that can occasionally make it difficult to work with others. But as any manager knows, some employees tend to be consistently more difficult than others. When most of us use the word “difficult” to describe an employee, it’s usually because the employee

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