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Many business and organizational leaders have happily embraced the convenience that online training has granted their employees and HR departments.

Training that used to require gathering large groups of people into a physical office with a live trainer can now be taken care of at each employee’s convenience via their laptops.

It’s undeniable that online options have transformed the world of employee training, in many ways for the better. But …

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Is it Possible Operationalize Civility?

One of leaders’ most important jobs is to establish goals and priorities for their teams.

They hold employees accountable to things like sales quotas, manufacturing quotas, and user acquisition goals. They expect all employees to understand what those goals are and focus on working together to meet them.

When it comes to setting standards and goals for behavior between employees, though, things get a little fuzzy. In fact, few organizational …

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Does Sexual Harassment Training Work?

There’s an assumption among some companies that workplace sexual harassment training simply doesn’t work.

Sure, we still make our staff go through it, but mostly because we have to. We want to protect our organizations from lawsuits and show that we’re making an effort.

After all, most people wouldn’t dream of harassing their colleagues, so the training won’t make a difference to them. And if people are monstrous enough to …

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Training middle managers

Middle managers, in general, have been dealt a difficult hand. They’re expected to switch between the roles of “boss” and “employee” constantly, which can be difficult in and of itself. They’re required to deal with tactical day-to-day obstacles and specific complaints from employees, but they must also have an understanding of big picture goals from upper management.

It’s a difficult balancing act, and these opposing forces can leave these …

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Subtle and Unconscious Bias at Work

Cultural change requires a focus on specific behaviors. However, ferreting out harmful behaviors isn’t always easy. Although blatant and egregious examples of racism still exist, many of the behaviors that damage diversity and inclusion efforts in today’s companies are more subtle.

In many cases, workplace discrimination happens completely unconsciously: Even the people who consider themselves to be very fair and welcoming to all groups can be responsible for bias.

However, benign …

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How to stop harassment in the workplace

No one wants to work in a place where harassment is tolerated. But many leaders aren’t so sure that preventing bad behavior is even possible — at least without inundating employees in legal paperwork and reprimands, killing any sense of a casual office vibe in the process.

The most important components of harassment prevention aren’t handbooks or hours of mandatory videos. The best methods are simpler, and they don’t threaten …

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Consumerizing Human Resources

Businesses and organizations have had to work hard in recent years to stay relevant in a quickly changing digital landscape. They know it’s important to be on top of social media and consumer tech trends in order to keep in touch with potential customers, members, and partners.

But it wasn’t until more recently that employers started realizing the importance of these tools to connect with another important audience: their employees.…

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