Best Ways for Managers to Execute an "Open Door Policy"

Here are the Best Ways to Execute an “Open-Door Policy” for Management in The Workplace

There are plenty of benefits to staying in touch with what your employees are thinking and feeling. When managers are easily accessible to the people they manage, they can better identify problems that can affect productivity and employee retention. They can also learn about the best opportunities and ideas for improvement — all from the people who are doing the job firsthand. For that reason,

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5 Things Leaders Need to Get Right in Order to Establish Healthy Workplaces

Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture: 5 Tips For Company Leaders to Get it Right

Every single employee in a workplace has a role to play in creating a healthy, welcoming, civil environment. However, it’s undeniable that senior company leaders have an especially important job when it comes to establishing a healthy workplace culture. The fact is that a healthy workplace is the product of a culture of civility and that culture of civility can only happen when leaders curate

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In-Person Training vs. VILT Training: How to Know What is Best for Your Organization

In-Person Employee Training vs. Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT): How to Know What is Best for Your Organization

Traditionally, workplace training required hiring a human resources specialist to physically come to your office and present to employees as a group in a classroom-like setting. As technology advanced, some training companies developed video-based programs. These e-courses were done totally on a computer, with no interactive element other than perhaps a few multiple-choice quizzes at the end. As you can imagine, e-courses offered the ultimate

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Whistleblowers and Your Responsibilities

How to Handle Whistleblowers and Your Responsibilities

Most of the time when we hear about whistleblowers in the news, it’s within a story about all the damage and fallout from surprising findings of misconduct or corruption. However, even when whistleblowing incidents result in public relations nightmares and plenty of scrambling, they can be helpful in the long-term. This CS Monitor article explains why: “Whistleblowing provides more than a backward-looking effect in punishing

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Top five posts from the ELI blog in 2020

Top five posts from the ELI blog in 2020

The ELI blog provides a variety of helpful resources that address uncivil behavior and ideas for you to consider when cultivating a healthy environment in the workplace. As we kick-off a new year, here’s a countdown of ELI’s Top 5 Blog Posts for 2020: 5. Back to A Changing Workplace After several months away, many will soon return to their offices, plants, retail establishments and

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Trauma and Change: How will we get work done in 2021?

Trauma and Change: How Will We Get Work Done in 2021?

For a long time, I’ve started each year with a blog of predictions. I’ve made some good forecasts and missed others. But after last year and the start of this one — I can’t forecast 2021’s events. Nobody can. What we do know is that the turbulence we’re experiencing will not go away any time soon. There are no quick or easy fixes to any

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