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What #MeToo will mean for your workplace

When Alyssa Milano tweeted the #MeToo hashtag in 2017, it unleashed a movement that launched a social revolution. With just two words, women demonstrated the prevalence of sexual harassment in almost every culture around the world.

In true Hollywood fashion, the #MeToo shockwave brought down the likes of Harry Weinstein and Matt Lauer, among others, who were once prominent and powerful industry royalty, and long considered to be untouchable. With …

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Five warning signs that you’re working in an uncivil workplace

There are plenty of employees who have to endure toxic work environments every day. Whether these workers are dealing with a harassing supervisor, bullying colleagues, or an otherwise hostile culture, it couldn’t be more clear that their work environment is less than civil.

In many other cases, though, incivility is more subtle. Poor conduct is normalized, and the absence of a positive, values-driven culture may not have manifested in any …

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Starbucks diversity training thoughts from Steve Paskoff of ELI

Starbucks and McDonald’s are two of most widely-recognized brands in the world, known for the consistency in their products and services. But right now, they’re becoming known for something else: inappropriate treatment of employees and customers.

Starbucks recently experienced a case of alleged racial profiling in Philadelphia in which an employee called the police on two African American customers, who were sitting peacefully waiting for their colleague before ordering. Video …

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More than being the right thing to do, bringing a sexual harassment concern forward is an act of courage that should be honored and not disparaged or diminished. If you have been pondering whether to come forward about inappropriate workplace behavior that is impacting you or others, the time is ripe. There is a groundswell of support fueled by #MeToo and other proactive workplace initiatives to ensure that your voice …

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Why Focusing on Microaggression is a Bad Idea

When people don’t feel welcome at work, the productivity of the entire operation suffers.

That’s why you might be surprised to hear us say that organizations shouldn’t focus on microaggressions, those slight and often unintentionally harmful statements that belie offensive stereotypes or remind minority groups of their marginalized status.

It’s not that these microaggressions aren’t important or aren’t harmful, or even that they don’t reflect underlying problems in a workplace …

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4 Simple Guidelines for Men Afraid of #MeToo

How should men conduct themselves in today’s workplace?

It’s a question I’ve heard gradually bubbling up as reports of harassment, bullying, and abuse against women in the workplace, across industries, has culminated with the #MeToo movement. Could what happened to Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Mario Batali, and others happen to me? There have been male executives who have even gone so far as to swear off meeting privately with female …

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How Diversity and Inclusion Manifest in Business Culture

“Culture” can be loosely defined as a collection of values that indicate which behaviors are encouraged and discouraged within a community.

If you want to know what any company’s values are, don’t bother reading the mission statement, or even the list of “values” that they’ve posted online. These can be a great step in the right direction, and there’s even a chance that they’re accurate. But in reality, they’re just …

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