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The business case for diversity

Diversity and inclusion issues are getting a lot of press these days. People see lawsuits in the news and shake their heads at the egregious examples of racism, sexism, and discrimination that continue to come to light.

More companies are beginning to understand that making a real effort to prevent these types of behaviors is essential. Often, their first instinct is to have HR implement standard diversity training for employees.…

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How does the Federal EEO complaint process work?

Legal processes are rarely simple, and dealing with an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint is no exception. That’s why we decided to simplify the EEO complaint process with this article.

The EEO complaint process might look different for you depending on the type of complaint and the state you live in, but let’s get started with the basics.

Federal Law vs. Local Law

Although federal law on discrimination applies to everyone, …

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Examples of Workplace Incivility

Any property owner knows that even a small leak in a pipe has the potential to do massive damage over time. Caught early, a leak won’t ruin much. Ignored long-term, it could cause the roof to cave in.

Headline-grabbing, egregious examples of bad behavior at work may seem like the equivalent of a burst water main. However, they’re usually the end result of less noticeable, long-term damage caused by legal …

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The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) recently released the results of their 2017 Annual Performance and Accountability Report. 2017 marked a year of significant progress in the EEOC’s longstanding pending charge inventory. Much of the headway can be attributed to new strategies that helped prioritize cases more efficiently and resolve investigations more quickly.

Coupled with improvements made to the agency’s digital systems, 99,109 charges were successfully resolved—an increase of …

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Sexual harassment bystander

Whenever the bad behavior of someone in a power position becomes public, initial outrage is quickly followed by shock that they were able to get away with it. Finger-pointing about who else knew, and how much they knew, begins quickly.

We tend to judge non-intervening bystanders harshly. After all, we think to ourselves, there’s no way that WE would have tolerated that kind of behavior if we’d known about

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Most companies will at least pay lip service to the fact that they don’t want managers to make employees feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

So why is it so common for abrasive managers to get away with bad behavior? It’s a pattern that we see repeating itself again and again, while company higher-ups often feel powerless or miffed about how to stop it.

It’s imperative that companies deal with abrasive managers …

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I had dinner recently with my friend, a visionary, dynamic, and nationally-known leader in the area of diversity and inclusion. We’d worked closely together in the past but hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years.  We sat looking at the New York skyline and caught up on the basics — family, work, the economy. He beamed with pride when he told me about his young grandson, the big …

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