Author: Stephen M. Paskoff

Fixing Your Harassment Crisis Before It Hits

Suppose your organization learned that its flagship process, product, or service had a catastrophic flaw—one so serious that if left unaddressed it could harm the public, ruin the organization, or cause it to rapidly lose its market share to the competition. How would your organization act? Would it issue a

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Banish Soft Skills At Work

We need to banish soft skills at work. I’m not talking about the concept but the term. It’s misleading and counterproductive, making the underlying skills sound as if they are pointless, wasteful frills. Yet, any respected leader will tell you it’s the “soft skills” that distinguish effective leaders from outstanding

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Las Vegas Leads with Values

Our deepest sympathies are with all of those who lost loved ones or suffered injury as a result of the horrific event in Las Vegas this week.  We have the greatest respect for Las Vegas’s courageous, talented and committed public servants. They saved lives, intervened and brought comfort and help

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Time to Move On and Forward

Sooner or later, each of us is going to say or communicate something that is hurtful, insensitive, or just plain stupid. Over the course of a business lifetime, this will occur on more than just a few occasions. To be clear, I’m not talking about the grossly out-of-bounds acts and

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Knowledge to avoid catastrophes

The lessons we learn and remember tend to be based on flawed decisions. Think of situations where bad decisions led to bad results: We went to the wrong school, dated or married the wrong person, invested in the wrong stock. You get the idea. In business, we need to teach

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Too many choices

Behavioral economists have found that too many choices cause inaction and impede decision making. If we can choose from thousands of funds in which to invest, the breadth may be overwhelming and too often we will choose the status quo: doing nothing. Fewer choices may make it easier for us

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