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4 Ways to Maximize the Impact of Civility Training

Delivering civility training is critical for establishing and maintaining productive inclusive workplaces, especially in today’s divisive, politically charged climate.

If you want the lessons of civil behavior to really take hold in your organization, your civility initiative should be seen as a means to positively affect results and help surface new ideas and issues.

How can you make sure your training leads to increased civil behavior?

I have four recommendations. The …

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Civility at Work by Stephen Paskoff

Turn on the TV, go online, read a newspaper today or tomorrow and you’ll find stories or forums about the decline of civility in politics, at sporting events or in our workplaces. As important as the subject is, what’s often not considered is that civility is variable — it has different meanings in each of these and many other settings. Think about how we act while participating in services in …

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I’ve worked on developing e-learning for 20 years. By chance, I recently had my worst fears confirmed about how much of it is delivered and absorbed. My new iWatch needed a special screen protector, so I went to a big box retailer, bought the best shield I could find, and discovered I had to wait 20 minutes to have it installed.

My service rep directed me to a small rectangular …

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Starbucks diversity training thoughts from Steve Paskoff of ELI

Starbucks and McDonald’s are two of most widely-recognized brands in the world, known for the consistency in their products and services. But right now, they’re becoming known for something else: inappropriate treatment of employees and customers.

Starbucks recently experienced a case of alleged racial profiling in Philadelphia in which an employee called the police on two African American customers, who were sitting peacefully waiting for their colleague before ordering. Video …

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4 Simple Guidelines for Men Afraid of #MeToo

How should men conduct themselves in today’s workplace?

It’s a question I’ve heard gradually bubbling up as reports of harassment, bullying, and abuse against women in the workplace, across industries, has culminated with the #MeToo movement. Could what happened to Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Mario Batali, and others happen to me? There have been male executives who have even gone so far as to swear off meeting privately with female …

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