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Even with the rise of #Metoo, well-known figures continue to engage in blatant acts of sexual harassment. Even after decades of the civil rights movement, organizations of all kinds engage in systemic racial and gender bias. Even though study after study shows the importance of respect and inclusion in the workplace, big shots get away with outrageous behavior aimed at subordinates.

Sure, there has been progress, but why aren’t things …

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4 Tips for What to Do When You Can’t Outrun Your Past

The current crisis facing Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is a reminder that none of us can outrun our past. No matter what he did or did not do three decades ago, his handling of the situation has made the situation worse and has called his credibility, character, and leadership into question.

I think most of us would admit that we had beliefs or engaged in behaviors in our youth or …

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January 15th was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday — he would have been 90 — and as the upcoming holiday celebrating the man and his achievements approaches, I’m reminded of something he once said that is a driving force behind what we’re all hoping to accomplish in the workplace:

“Morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated.”

ELI’s offices will be closed on Monday in honor of Dr. …

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4 Ways to Maximize the Impact of Civility Training

Delivering civility training is critical for establishing and maintaining productive inclusive workplaces, especially in today’s divisive, politically charged climate.

If you want the lessons of civil behavior to really take hold in your organization, your civility initiative should be seen as a means to positively affect results and help surface new ideas and issues.

How can you make sure your training leads to increased civil behavior?

I have four recommendations. The …

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|July 26, 2018|One Comment

Civility at Work by Stephen Paskoff

Turn on the TV, go online, read a newspaper today or tomorrow and you’ll find stories or forums about the decline of civility in politics, at sporting events or in our workplaces. As important as the subject is, what’s often not considered is that civility is variable — it has different meanings in each of these and many other settings. Think about how we act while participating in services in …

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