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How to spot super harasser at work

Over the past few years, we’ve watched the downfalls of seemingly untouchable powerful men who have abused their power to harass and intimidate the people around them.

As each one’s behavior was exposed, there was shock from the public and inevitable questions from the rest of us. How did they get away with it? Who knew about it? How was it allowed to continue?

The EEOC has used the term …

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AI in the workplace

If you’ve chosen a career in human resources, you might not have predicted that your work might one day rely heavily on futuristic artificial intelligence tools.

But you might indeed find yourself working with AI soon, if you aren’t already.

That doesn’t mean we’re in the midst of a robot takeover, though. AI, or the ability of computer systems to “learn” from data inputs and adjust their “behavior” accordingly, is …

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Government workers perform critical duties for all of us. They keep our infrastructure safe, our water clean, and our transportation running on time. They sometimes even face risks to their own safety in the process.

Because of their vital role, it’s important that these employees are safe and happy at work.

Unfortunately, government workers routinely face the same problems resulting from toxic workplaces that employees in the private sector deal …

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How to increase workplace civility

Sometimes the ideas of “respect” and “civility” can seem like fuzzy concepts, especially compared to the concrete operational goals that employers have to keep in mind each day.

However, when respect and civility are missing from any place of employment, the consequences are very real and very damaging.

If you’re just beginning the journey of cultural change at your workplace, you might not know where to start. However, it’s not …

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In-Person Training Tips

In recent years, digital technology has transformed the world of employee training.

Organizations can quickly give employees on-demand access to hours and hours of educational videos and materials. Communication about training topics (and about pretty much anything else) has become much simpler and easier thanks to smart personal devices and apps.

These tools make it easy for employees go through their training programs on their own schedules and at their …

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