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How to increase workplace civility

Sometimes the ideas of “respect” and “civility” can seem like fuzzy concepts, especially compared to the concrete operational goals that employers have to keep in mind each day.

However, when respect and civility are missing from any place of employment, the consequences are very real and very damaging.

If you’re just beginning the journey of cultural change at your workplace, you might not know where to start. However, it’s not …

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In-Person Training Tips

In recent years, digital technology has transformed the world of employee training.

Organizations can quickly give employees on-demand access to hours and hours of educational videos and materials. Communication about training topics (and about pretty much anything else) has become much simpler and easier thanks to smart personal devices and apps.

These tools make it easy for employees go through their training programs on their own schedules and at their …

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Diversity training mistakes

A diverse and welcoming culture comes with undeniable business advantages: Teams that work well together, a better chance at attracting the very best talent, and easier transitions into new markets are just a few of them.

Thankfully, a growing number of employers are realizing this. They’re also understanding that a diverse and welcoming workplace culture doesn’t simply create itself. It requires time, attention and careful effort.

One of the crucial …

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Social Media Policy

Keeping up with all the latest ways people communicate can be intimidating. The social media landscape is always changing, with new ideas and networks being invented, adopted, and sometimes discarded regularly.

Should the HR department be making sure that employees understand what’s appropriate when it comes to each individual social media account their employees use in their personal time?

Although different social media platforms pose different risks, your organization can …

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Harassment in Government

The awareness and victories gained from the #MeToo movement have been especially notable in fields such as entertainment, business, and even politics.

But there’s one sector that may be suffering from pervasive harassment problems and toxic culture that hasn’t seen much change: The government sector.

A March 2018 study cited here in the Washington Post found that sexual harassment is common in federal offices, with 1 in 5 women at …

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