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Social Media Policy

Keeping up with all the latest ways people communicate can be intimidating. The social media landscape is always changing, with new ideas and networks being invented, adopted, and sometimes discarded regularly.

Should the HR department be making sure that employees understand what’s appropriate when it comes to each individual social media account their employees use in their personal time?

Although different social media platforms pose different risks, your organization can …

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Harassment in Government

The awareness and victories gained from the #MeToo movement have been especially notable in fields such as entertainment, business, and even politics.

But there’s one sector that may be suffering from pervasive harassment problems and toxic culture that hasn’t seen much change: The government sector.

A March 2018 study cited here in the Washington Post found that sexual harassment is common in federal offices, with 1 in 5 women at …

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Corporate Culture and Corporate Succession Planning

One of the most essential attributes of good leadership is the ability to establish and prioritize big picture goals and values.

It is leaders’ job to keep everyone on the same page about the company’s mission. They’re the ones who set the tone for which behaviors are encouraged and not tolerated throughout the company.

That’s why changing company culture is almost impossible without buy-in from a company’s top leadership.

But …

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3 ways the #MeToo movement should change your sexual harassment training

The recent spate of shamings of public figures over sexual misconduct has many companies and organizations in panic mode.

After all, if well-known, respected and seemingly innocuous figures like Charlie Rose and Garrison Keillor can have their careers and reputations tanked due to sexual harassment allegations, who’s to say that something similar won’t happen to key figures in your workplace?

Frankly, companies and organizations are right to worry. This is …

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Many business and organizational leaders have happily embraced the convenience that online training has granted their employees and HR departments.

Training that used to require gathering large groups of people into a physical office with a live trainer can now be taken care of at each employee’s convenience via their laptops.

It’s undeniable that online options have transformed the world of employee training, in many ways for the better. But …

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