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FDR Training 2018 Conference

Bullies, Big Shots and Bystanders August 15, 2018 View the Presentation

FDR Training 2018 Conference

Make Your Training Work: It’s Time to Chuck the Box! August 13, 2018 View the Presentation

Annual EEO and Diversity Conference

It’s on You: Creating a Culture of Civility in Your Workplace by Tucker Miller, Esq. June 11, 2018 View the Presentation

2015 Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Institute

Breaking Bad: Creating a Culture of Civility and Professionalism by Tucker Miller, Esq. October 5, 2015 Presentation

2015 Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Institute

Bringing Big Shots Back to Earth by Stephen M. Paskoff, Esq. October 4, 2015 Presentation

How much is bad behavior
costing your organization?
Watch the video to find out!

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6 Ways to Make Your Sexual Harassment Training Better

To help colleagues and employees understand what behavior is appropriate in the workplace, experience has shown that clarity and guidance are necessary, especially on such an important issue. That’s why sexual harassment prevention training is such a foundational step in building a culture of civility at your workplace. Good sexual

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Civil Treatment Basics Certifications

October 15 – 17: Atlanta, GA
November 5 – 7: Atlanta, GA

Federal Government Civil Treatment Basics Certifications

November 12-14: Washington, D.C.

Civil Treatment Workplace Certifications

October 22-24: Atlanta, GA
November 19-21: Atlanta, GA
December 3-5: Atlanta, GA