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NCCI Tries the Rest, Picks the Best from ELI

After years of trying “check-the-box” training for compliance and management from multiple vendors, the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc., (NCCI) based in Boca Raton, FL, needed a solution that would make a real difference in the workplace. As the nation’s leading workers compensation database, NCCI analyzes industry trends and provides services and tools for workers.

According to NCCI human resources director Andrea Corsi, the company chose ELI® for its expertise, high-quality programs, and willingness to integrate client-specific literature, values, and policies into training. The organization subsequently rolled out Civil Treatment® Harassment and Discrimination Training for Managers, followed by Civil Treatment Harassment and Discrimination Training for Employees, Civil Treatment for Managers online for all new hires, and NextACT® follow-up classroom training.

“It was really beneficial to take our organization’s values and incorporate them into training and see the connection between the two,” said Corsi. “It showed how the values are more than something hanging on the wall.”

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