ELI, Inc. Announces New Civil Treatment Initiative

ELI, Inc. Announces New Civil Treatment® Initiative to Help Organizations Build More Inclusive, Productive and Compliant Workplaces

The award-winning workplace training company launches immersive program that provides ongoing training reinforcement and measurable results

ELI, Inc.a training and consulting company that helps organizations build more inclusive, productive, and compliant workplaces, today announced the launch of its Civil Treatment®Workplace program. An addition to its award-winning portfolio of offerings available through the company’s pioneer Civil Treatment® series, this unique program enables organizations to operationalizeworkplace civility as an ongoing initiative connected to its mission and goals, rather than as a stand-alone, one-time course.

The Civil Treatment Workplace program builds upon ELI’s methodologies used by thousands of ELI-certified instructors in the workplace. ELI takes a consultative approach to ensure each client engagement is relevant to its specific values, objectives and challenges. The goal of the Civil Treatment®Workplace initiative is to have an impact on workplace culture through a unique approach to learning that is immersive, sustainable, and measurable.

“Our new program was born out of direct client feedback, changes in how and where people work and the need for enhanced learning strategies with measurable outcomes,” said ELI founder and CEO Stephen Paskoff. “Over the last 30+ years, we have learned that educating people on their responsibilities is not enough. Employees need to understand how their behavior is linked to the organization’s overall results. This does not get accomplished through one afternoon of check-the-box training focused on what constitutes as right or wrong, legal or illegal behavior.”

The Civil Treatment Workplace comprises three stages: launch, discover, and explore.

  • Stage 1 – Launch:The goal of the launch stage is to prepare employees for the upcoming formal learning experience – to start to introduce the civility concepts prior to the training session.
  • Stage 2 – Discover:Next, the discover stage is designed to engage employees and get them involved. During this phase, employees will undergo immersive, interactive training to learn and practice behavior change.
  • Stage 3 – Explore:The explore stage uses micro-learning to focus on sustainability and organization alignment while measuring the degree of learning and behavior change from the program.

Paskoff continued, “Our goal is to deliver sustained cultural change while building skills and ensuring compliance with standards, policies, and cultural expectations. Civil Treatment is an operational necessity and needs to be addressed, implemented, and measured as one.”

To learn more, visit or contact an ELI sales representative for additional information.

About ELI, Inc.

ELI is a training and consulting company that helps organizations build more inclusive, productive, and compliant workplaces. The company, which has over 10,000 ELI certified instructors and has trained over two million leaders and team members, focuses on addressing workplace civility and the positive business impact a civil culture has on organizations. ELI’s award-winning training experiences are based on real-life scenarios and backed by the team’s legal expertise. ELI was recognized as an example of effective training that reduces the incidents of harassment in the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) published report, “Study of Harassment in the Workplace.”

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