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He was on vacation. At his private computer. On his personal Facebook page. Posting about protests in his city. But his Facebook settings were public. He blamed “Blacks” for recent protests that had turned violent, and he suggested what “should be done” to them. His direct reports complained. His supervisors suspended him without pay. That’s one of the more challenging situations Kelly Bunting has seen managers try to navigate when political discourse in the workplace…
Compliance Week
On July 13, 13 Republican attorneys general wrote a letter to leaders of Fortune 100 companies warning them against using race as a factor in hiring and promotion decisions and threatening legal action if the companies did not comply. Although the Fourteenth Amendment does not apply directly to private companies, the Supreme Court’s majority opinion and the letter argue Title VI and Title VII apply the same principles.
As a former litigator against EEOC and other employment law violations, Stephen Paskoff has a distinctive perspective on how to appropriately coach employers on DEI initiatives, compliance and “workplace civility.” Paskoff, CEO of Atlanta-based workplace training company ELI (Employment Learning Innovations), spoke with StrategicCHRO360 about his own path to DEI work, how to navigate divergent opinions on the subject and where workplace culture meets compliance.
Xpert HR
The Supreme Court today held that consideration of race in university admissions is unconstitutional, in a highly anticipated ruling with implications for private-sector employers. Although Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College deals with education, employers and HR professionals should reassess their policies in light of the ruling to make sure they’re handling affirmative action issues such as diversity efforts properly, notes Stephen Paskoff, CEO of Employment Learning Innovations and a former EEOC trial attorney.
Human Resource Executive
In a landmark decision Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court banned affirmative action in college admissions—a move that could have significant reverberations across the corporate world. The 6-3 decision, which stemmed from challenges to affirmative action policies at Harvard and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, overturned decades of case law that permitted educational institutions to consider self-identified race in admissions decisions, as long as it wasn’t the only factor.
In a decision that stunned exactly no one—but that could ultimately impact not only on the diversity of higher education, but at some point, the workplace—the U.S. Supreme Court said Thursday in a historic decision that colleges and universities could no longer use race as a factor in their admissions decisions, prompting Democrats to slam the Court and declare the decision “undermines decades of progress” while former President Trump cheered the ruling.
Fast Company
Since the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on affirmative action last week, many observers have sounded the alarm on how it might shake up the corporate world and derail hard-won initiatives that address diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. The decision effectively gutted race-based admissions in higher education—a major departure from decades of precedent that some legal experts say could set the stage for attacks on corporate DEI programs. “The sense is that rationale is going to move back into the workplace world of affirmative action,” says Stephen Paskoff, a former EEOC attorney and employment lawyer who now runs the training company ELI.

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