A Parting Pastoral Letter: Lessons from My Five Years at ELI


If you treat people right, they will want to come to work – and when they do, they’ll be more productive. And when they’re more productive, your business will be more profitable.
It’s a philosophy that ELI® has stood on for over 20 years.
I may not be the person with the highest business acumen, but for the past five years I’ve
worked hard for a company that has treated me right. I’ve seen the truth in that statement. ELI® is a place where we do more than help create effective work environments. It’s a place that lives what it teaches.
You can see it in how we treat each other—no derogatory language, crude jokes or bullying. You can see it in how we care for each other—in the three baby showers we’ve had this spring. You can see it in the way we work together to make things as easy on our clients as possible.
One of the most beautiful examples of this came last week. Steve Paskoff, our president and CEO, who rarely takes the credit he deserves, had a birthday.
Despite his urgings to the contrary, we threw him a surprise party. We sang, enjoyed a great meal, and he opened a BIG surprise present—an iPad. At the end, he blew out the candles of his mile-high birthday cake and his smile spread ear to ear.
You see, Steve understands how to treat people right, and it shows. And because he treats people with kindness, respect, and dignity, it has set the example for us all. And because he does, we all do. It’s my hope that everywhere I work people will have this sense of honor, respect, and mutual affection. It is my hope that someday everyone will get to work in a place with such amazing people.
Happy Birthday Steve. Thanks for everything.
Rev. Emily Case recently become the new associate pastor of Kennesaw United Methodist Church in Kennesaw, Ga. Emily served as ELI’s event coordinator for five years.

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