Operationalize Civility at Your Agency – EEOC EXCEL Conference

Operationalize Civility at Your Agency

Agencies that are looking to change behavior should not focus on stopping illegal behaviors to create a civil workplace culture. Leaders must also focus on reducing inappropriate and unprofessional behaviors to positively impact the overall agency culture and mission.
The EEOC has recognized that to effectively eliminate the bad behavior and incivility in a workplace, an agency must link daily behavior to mission effectiveness and organizational values. This method is the most effective in operationalizing civility and in having lasting change on the workplace culture and drive results.
In this interactive session, attendees will be provided with practical daily tips to create a civil workplace environment that won’t cost anything. This workshop will also demonstrate how values, leadership, team responsibilities and specific actions build enduring and productive workplaces where individuals do their best work and achieve the best results.

Session Takeaways

  • Link their agency mission to inclusive behaviors to prove the case (ROI) and business impact for a civil workplace to leaders, which in turn drives lasting cultural change
  • Communicate to leaders and team members how to raise and respond to questions and concerns regarding harassment, inclusion and other related incivility issues
  • Learn how to prevent, detect and correct bad behavior that has a harmful impact on workplace culture
  • Obtain tips on how to address conceptual resistance to positive cultural change within the agency
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