Day: December 16, 2013

The Perfect Storm: HR Call Centers & Short-Term Training

Two unrelated trends will soon collide at work, triggering a perfect storm of workplace discontent and employee disengagement. First, many education and training professionals are confusing the delivery of information with the way knowledge must be transferred to drive behavioral change. In their view, all of us — from rising millennials

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Making Learning Matter: 11 Simple Commandments

From time to time, conversations with prospective clients go like the one I had last week. “They‘re simply not getting it. Managers, executives and employees are saturated with information and they’re zoning out. We give our leaders and employees great training videos to watch. We have them go to classes

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Power Hungry in Today’s Workplace

We sat next to each other, our phones and tablets spread out in front of us. We hadn’t met or spoken. But we shared the same need: we were both hungry for power. We had a long flight ahead of us, a great time to catch up on emails, listen

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