Day: June 25, 2013

Personal Blogging & Public Transparency

We’ve been hearing stories of bloggers who have lost their jobs for writing entries that their employers decided were inappropriate. Had these people been diarists rather than bloggers, it wouldn’t even come up, but blogs are out there for everyone to see. I suspect blog entries will continue to create

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5 Tips for Effective HR Documentation

Actions may speak louder than words, but few things speak louder than words that are documented. Cases can be won and lost on documentation alone.  In fact, I once defended a discrimination claim in which the managers seemed to have handled the situation perfectly – they followed the company disciplinary

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The New York Times Test & Corporate Misbehavior

The New York Times Test is mentioned often in the context of corporate misbehavior. It basically says that you can decide whether or not you should do something by considering whether or not you’d want it (and your name) to appear in an article on the front page of the

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