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What Your Leaders Need Right Now To Manage During the Covid-19 Transition​

This new module provides strategies to prepare leaders for conversations with their teams as they return to the workplace and resume business operations.

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Civil Treatment®

The award-winning training program

Civil Treatment®, ELI’s flagship training program, helps organizations prevent, detect, and correct inappropriate behaviors and build productive, inclusive cultures.

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At ELI we offer three unique delivery options for our training and learning services including instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, and online training.


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See why industry-leading organizations trust ELI to address lost productivity, turnover, and damage caused by incivility.

As a result of the Civil Treatment program, our overall litigation costs have decreased 65% in two years, equating to a 74% reduction in costs per employee.



Building a Diverse, Inclusive Workplace

In this eBook, we’ll explain how your company can avoid discriminatory and unwelcoming behaviors that destroy profits and invite lawsuits.

On behalf of all of us here at ELI, we are anguished by the awful events we have seen in Minneapolis and elsewhere and the stain of racial injustice, intolerance and inhumanity that remains embedded in our society and nation in all quarters and levels. It affects and damages all of us carrying special harms, dangers, risks and pain for our African-American friends, neighbors, and coworkers, much of which are borne silently by them unknown or not understood by so many of the rest of us.