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|February 3, 2014|No Comments

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Increasingly we hear from clients that what is most important right now is how their workplace culture helps (or possibly hinders) their reputation and brand. Importantly, while our clients continue to care about important topics such as ethical behavior and legal compliance, top of mind in today’s current economy is not merely brand, but developing brand ambassadors.

So, is brand important?  Yes, we hear loud and clear that it …

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|January 29, 2014|2 Comments

How do you build an enduring business or enterprise when the world is changing so fast? For years now, I’ve heard leaders from various industries ask their leadership teams that very question. Many answer the question by focusing on products and services that are or will soon be needed. They’re vital. But making them the keystone for longevity is as elusive as relying on floppy discs, Blackberries, and neckties for …

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|November 6, 2013|No Comments

Last week I overheard a conversation between my two teenagers.  My son told his sister that he was an A-student in Spanish these days.  “Having a great teacher makes all the difference,” he explained.  Preparing to insert myself into their conversation to point out that he had a great teacher last year when he was failing Spanish, my son independently corrected his initial statement:  “Actually,” he said, “The two things …

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|October 29, 2013|One Comment

Irrespective of party affiliation, I’m willing to bet that most Americans are irked, at the very least, over the failure of the ACA website to effectively launch after the government invested hundreds of millions of dollars to create it. Starting now and going forward, there will be many software autopsies performed (excuse the healthcare metaphor) to find out how this portal could have been launched without having been properly structured …

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|August 29, 2013|No Comments

Don’t worry, the first, four-letter word a child learns is likely not the one you are thinking. It’s “FAIR.”

We understand from early childhood the difference between more or less, better or worse. I was reminded of this recently by one of our clients who challenged leaders in her company to consider ways in which they demonstrate their commitment to treating employees fairly. “When my son was as young as …

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