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|May 5, 2016|No Comments

I just spent a memorable two days walking the Gettysburg battlefield attending The Conference Board’s Leadership Development Experiential Program.  Our group, drawn from several organizations, read and studied before we met; we received incisive battlefield histories delivered by Tony NiCastro, a military historian.  Dick Richardson, Jeff Jackson, and David Hutchens, all from Experience to Lead, facilitated our sessions.

The Gettysburg Battle occurred July 1-3, 1863 as Confederate forces moved …

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|April 21, 2016|No Comments

Mergers are a stressful time in the life of a company for both executives and employees as a whole. Fear of what the merger means for them and their future often leads to major distractions for your team. This uncertainty has the potential to pull their attention away from your business objectives and can ultimately put your overall business at risk. These new company dynamics will have a marked impact …

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|November 5, 2015|No Comments

Most companies have values and mission statements, but many times there is a disconnect between what’s posted on the break room wall and the actual culture. Have you ever stopped to think about how your company’s culture was created, how it evolved, or what it looks like now? It may not be at the top of your to-do list, but understanding your culture could potentially cost or save your company …

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|October 7, 2014|No Comments

On a visit last month to the Northwest Montana Fair in Kalispell, I stood in the horse barn watching a teenage girl attempt to pull her mare into a stall.

With sweat forming across her forehead and her feet sliding across the straw-covered boards of the barn, she pulled hard on the lead. The mare wouldn’t budge.  The more she strained, the more resistant her horse became.  Standing six feet

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|May 29, 2014|No Comments

“My cats shredded your couch. You are correct.”

This is the phrase that converted my husband’s lack of appreciation for cats into a wholesale intolerance of anything remotely feline. It was uttered by his then roommate, a woman with two cats to whom he very reluctantly rented one of the rooms of his house in the years before I met him.

“I always distrusted cats,” he told me, “but I …

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