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|March 21, 2011|No Comments

Technology’s advantages and risks affect us every day in ways that we could not have imagined at the millennium’s start. I’ve been thinking about this while watching Japan’s catastrophe unfold.

Two major technological forces are intersecting with the growth of global workplaces heightening the need and benefit of having some shared workplace behavioral standards. First, industrial advances allow us to accomplish such feats as:

  • Drilling for oil far beneath the
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|October 13, 2010|No Comments

We’re a global company. We have teams all over the world. We have managers in the U. S. leading teams in Europe, teams in Asia leading teams in the U.S., teams in Europe leading teams in Asia. We’re having legal and cultural issues springing up all over the place. We need to train everybody and get them all on the same page. How can we get this done fast and …

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