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|April 18, 2017|No Comments

April is Celebrate Diversity Month — a month dedicated as an opportunity to place focus on the differences and similarities that make each of us unique. Founded in 2004, the concept was designed to educate, honor, celebrate and share the melting pot of cultures, religions, foods, language, art and lifestyles that make up our world. As part of Celebrate Diversity Month, corporations, families, schools and organizations are encouraged to create …

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|April 6, 2017|No Comments

Most organizations take a highly complex and fragmented divide-and-conquer approach to behavioral issues. They have an initiative on sexual harassment, one on discrimination, others on scores of compliance topics, perhaps one on values. The list goes on.

Typically, these initiatives are developed by experts in a narrow specialty who come up with a long list of important ideas, laden with technical terms that have specific meaning to the experts who …

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|April 25, 2011|No Comments

“We need to focus on diversity or inclusion or maybe compliance we’re not
sure which but we need to do something – we know that.”

This is what I’ve heard recently in separate meetings with clients in different industries and regions of the country. All are facing sluggish, if any, growth and diminished career opportunities for incumbents.  At the same time, they’re experiencing rising age-based tensions among those who want …

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