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|March 9, 2017|No Comments

I had the honor and privilege to deliver the keynote presentation launching the City of Las Vegas’s annual three-day values conference for leaders and employees this past January. The City has held the conference since 2011.

The conference is part of the City’s commitment to live by its ACTION values: Achievement, Creativity, Teamwork, Integrity, Ownership, Now. These words give leaders and team members alike clear directions as to how to …

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|January 5, 2017|No Comments

As 2017 starts, a new administration will assume responsibility for leadership and direction of the federal government. Many federal employees are concerned as to how top-level staffing and policy changes will affect the security of their jobs and the climate in which they will work. In the federal government, maintaining behavioral standards of professionalism and civility is vital for effective performance no matter what happens in any election cycle. In …

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|July 30, 2013|2 Comments

On a single day this month, ELI consultants were dispatched across the globe to work with clients from Vietnam, Brazil, and India.  ELI was, for that day, part of what those countries had in common.  And it didn’t stop there; our presentations also included participants from Australia, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, China, and Thailand.  Simultaneously, we were working with no fewer than 75 U.S. participants on the same

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|October 13, 2010|No Comments

We’re a global company. We have teams all over the world. We have managers in the U. S. leading teams in Europe, teams in Asia leading teams in the U.S., teams in Europe leading teams in Asia. We’re having legal and cultural issues springing up all over the place. We need to train everybody and get them all on the same page. How can we get this done fast and …

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|July 19, 2010|No Comments

Blackberry and Smart Phones and our Brains

I saw the red light go off – it blinked rapidly, insistently. The vibration began a few seconds later. I looked down: “You need to call the office immediately. We have to talk.” I called in. You have to make a decision – now. I didn’t have time to think. But I made the decision and made a big mistake. It cost me $10,000.

After that, I got rid of …

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