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|January 26, 2017|No Comments

When it comes to training, learning and development departments often have to choose which programs to develop in-house, where they serve as their own subject matter experts, and which program development should be outsourced. Because time and staff are limited, rarely do they have the luxury of developing a custom training program for every one of the organization’s needs.

Many learning and development departments question where compliance training fits in …

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|August 4, 2016|No Comments

Maintaining a focus on compliance is a proven way to prevent problems. Compliance can detect and correct problems if and when they arise. This model, recognized throughout law enforcement, also recognizes that it is unrealistic to expect that all problems will be prevented.

The best way for this model to work is for everyone to understand that they are personally responsible for preventing, detecting and correcting problems. Yet, our compliance …

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|January 19, 2011|No Comments

Recently, I sat down with a colleague who works for a financial services firm. He was clearly anxious, so I asked him how he was.

“Not so good,” he said. “I’m under the gun. I’ve got to finish 17 online compliance courses ranging from financial transactions to ethics and discrimination and harassment training. Unless I finish by midnight tonight, I won’t be eligible for a bonus.”

He said it was …

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