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|February 9, 2017|No Comments

Civility seems to be on everyone’s mind lately – at least it has to the audiences I have been speaking to about building inclusive, productive workplaces. As we mark Presidents’ Day this month, it hit me where to look for a role model whose guiding principles we can all follow to better communicate and relate to our colleagues and coworkers.

Let’s start by recognizing that human beings have flaws. That’s …

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|February 2, 2017|No Comments

There is an epidemic of incivility in the world today. You see it in wildly varying political opinions, cyber-bullying, crude, rude, and obnoxious behavior… it’s reaching crisis proportions. Perhaps now more than ever, it’s affecting the workplace, and this behavior creates significant risk for an organization. Combating incivility in the workplace is more important now than ever.

From training to culture change

Many companies utilize training programs as a way …

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ELI’s blog provides a variety of helpful resources that address uncivil behavior and offers ideas for you to consider when cultivating a healthy environment in the workplace. As we kick-off a new year, here’s a countdown of ELI’s Top 5 Blog Posts for 2016:

5. So how do I talk about this stuff?

So how do I talk about this stuff?Recent tragedies in Orlando, Baton Rouge, St. Paul, and Dallas have generated anger, fear, confusion, grief and …

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|August 25, 2016|No Comments

Microlearning typically involves delivering limited content, in very short bursts of time, to communicate a single and specific idea. It’s a new trend in corporate training and is playing an increasing role in many organizations. When implemented correctly, microlearning is a highly effective way to reinforce initial training concepts throughout the learning cycle.

How microlearning fits into the workplace

Microlearning can be deployed in a number of ways including short …

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Our tragedies in Orlando, Baton Rouge, St. Paul, and now Dallas have generated anger, fear, confusion, grief and despair. Many of us want to talk about these events with those we see and interact with most often – our coworkers. We believe such conversations can be positive; yet, we’re concerned the wrong words can permanently damage our relationships.

For some, the choice will be to avoid conversations for fear of …

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