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|February 9, 2017|No Comments

Civility seems to be on everyone’s mind lately – at least it has to the audiences I have been speaking to about building inclusive, productive workplaces. As we mark Presidents’ Day this month, it hit me where to look for a role model whose guiding principles we can all follow to better communicate and relate to our colleagues and coworkers.

Let’s start by recognizing that human beings have flaws. That’s …

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|January 5, 2017|No Comments

As 2017 starts, a new administration will assume responsibility for leadership and direction of the federal government. Many federal employees are concerned as to how top-level staffing and policy changes will affect the security of their jobs and the climate in which they will work. In the federal government, maintaining behavioral standards of professionalism and civility is vital for effective performance no matter what happens in any election cycle. In …

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|June 2, 2016|No Comments

Think that your organization’s culture doesn’t affect your company’s performance and bottom line? Stephen Paskoff, President and CEO of Employment Learning Innovations Inc., respectfully disagrees. Paskoff is a nationally recognized speaker and author of CIVILITY Rules. In his recently released book, he offers a new business approach that helps boost performance and limit risk by building lawful, professional operations that align with organizational values.

Paskoff credits his experience working …

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|May 11, 2011|No Comments

The week before last I had the privilege of moderating a distinguished panel for the Department of Defense (DoD) at the 2011 Defense Employee and Labor Relations Symposium.  We discussed DoD’s troublesome rise in hostile workplace environment (HWE) and harassment claims. Investigating and resolving these charges, the vast majority of which are found not to have legal merit, takes time and money. Yet, we agreed the most serious concern is …

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|February 9, 2011|No Comments

Tell business leaders there’s a new operational process that will increase safety, quality, teamwork and innovation, cut down on mistakes, surface problems, boost profitability, safeguard their brand, and reduce regulatory risk. Many executives will say they’re in the business of reality – not magical thinking – though perhaps in saltier language.

Tell them it won’t cost as much as a fraction of an upper executive level’s severance package and they’ll …

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