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Guess how much bad behavior is costing your organization? It’s probably more than you think. Many organizations focus on illegal bad behavior like harassment or discrimination and lawsuits can easily cost a million dollars or more. Focusing on illegal behavior doesn’t take into consideration “legal” bad behavior like bullying, unfair or rude behavior.

Things like Bullying or Unwelcoming behaviors may not be illegal, but they are a major roadblock to your …

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There is an epidemic of incivility in the world today. You see it in wildly varying political opinions, cyber-bullying, crude, rude, and obnoxious behavior… it’s reaching crisis proportions. Perhaps now more than ever, it’s affecting the workplace, and this behavior creates significant risk for an organization. Combating incivility in the workplace is more important now than ever.

From training to culture change

Many companies utilize training programs as a way …

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In August 2016, the EEOC issued updated guidance on workplace retaliation, which replaced the previous guidance issued in 1998. During a recent Civil Treatment series webcast, Steve Paskoff, President and CEO of ELI sat down with Paula Garlen, Director of Implementation and Delivery at ELI to discuss the new guidelines and their impact in the workplace. If you missed the live webcast, here are the highlights.

Why is the EEOC

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Ask yourself this question: When your organization plans a training initiative, which of these two statements is closer to the truth:

  1. We are holding the training so we can say we did it and have proof in case we are sued.
  2. We are planning the training to have an impact on daily behavior which extends beyond the event itself.

If your organization is planning to train in order to build …

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Minimizing lawsuits is an important, but insufficient goal. Organizations can live, though painfully, with the cost of lawsuits and claims and damages. What they can’t live with though are the costs that occur from the behaviors that spawn lawsuits which exist as underlying business problems.

Lack of focus, attention to detail, safety issues, quality, morale, cohesiveness, and teamwork; all these problems can grow in the presence of lawful or quasi-lawful …

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