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Does your workplace provide an environment of professionalism, respect, and inclusion? Creating an environment in which all employees can thrive, from top management to lower level support, is more important than ever.

Where does your workplace stand?

While most professionals agree that a civil workplace critical to success, the important question is– where does your workplace stand? It’s a simple question that’s been difficult to answer – until now.

The …

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In June 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released new recommendations on how to prevent and reduce harassment in the workplace. Although the task force that produced the report was specifically assigned to study sexual harassment, many of their discoveries about what makes harassment prevention programs effective (and ineffective) are directly relevant to professionals working in ethics and compliance as well.

The four conclusions

Let’s look at four conclusions …

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Civility in the workplace is sometimes viewed as a “soft skill” that is too vague to understand and control. Civility Rules! challenges that notion. What’s soft about preventing millions of dollars in damage? Preserving your firm’s reputation? Creating an environment where you can get the most out of your human capital investment? Avoiding breaches of compliance? Perhaps even saving lives?

All of these areas are affected by your organization’s culture. …

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In the workplace, day-to-day interface among co-workers involves a wide variety of personalities and many different levels of conversation. What happens when those conversations drift toward stereotyping– and in particular, the inconspicuous kind?

Even unconsciously, and without intentional bias, comments made by one employee can offend another because of a fine-line term known as “microaggression.” Most often, these microaggressions stem from assumptions made about a person based on their race, …

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Is it possible Bill O’Reilly didn’t know the general boundaries of proper, lawful behavior in today’s workplaces? Was this highly educated, Harvard-degreed commentator unaware that continuing to make unwelcome advances, threatening to retaliate against those reporting them or following through could cost him his job and lots of money? Could O’Reilly have failed to watch Clarence Thomas’s 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearing when Anita Hill’s allegations of sexual harassment captivated …

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