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An effective training solution should reduce uncivil behavior and reinforce good behavior. It sounds like a practical plan, but how can you make sure your training is really changing behavior? At ELI®, we have identified four necessary components for achieving true and lasting behavioral change: Awareness of the behavior that needs to be changed Motivation to change that behavior An interactive and memorable training experience Reinforcement that is consistent, encouraging, and ongoing Awareness and motivation Awareness of the behaviors that require change and the motivation needed to make those changes make up the foundation of a successful training experience. It’s… more >

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Every organization has its share of poor performing employees and those who violate company standards. While every incident can not be prevented, it is possible to minimize the occurrences. Here are three practical ways to improve employee behavior: Have values and communicate them For employees to follow the company’s standards, they must first understand what is expected. After all, how can they be held accountable if we fail to teach or reinforce the rules? To change the behavior, these values must go beyond the obvious and specifically address what many companies leave gray. Every employee knows that stealing is wrong,… more >

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Most companies have values and mission statements, but many times there is a disconnect between what’s posted on the break room wall and the actual culture. Have you ever stopped to think about how your company’s culture was created, how it evolved, or what it looks like now? It may not be at the top of your to-do list, but understanding your culture could potentially cost or save your company millions of dollars. The Culture Vacuum Regardless of whether it’s been intentionally created or not, your company has a culture. Passivity about building a culture will not prevent one from… more >

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Effective training is a smart way to change behavior, but how can you know if the training is effective? At ELI, we’ve identified several sources of information that you can use to measure the impact your employee training program has on your organization. Take a look… Employee Engagement Surveys Employee Engagement Surveys can provide a realistic measure of how well your training is working. If you conduct a survey prior to training and then again following the training implementation you have the opportunity to compare the results and draw conclusions to help guide your future efforts. If your training is… more >

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When it comes to behavior within your organization, think of illegal actions as the tip of the iceberg. Illegal behavior accounts for the 1-3% of bad behavior that rises to the surface and is often perceived as a relevant threat to the organization. But what lurks below the surface? What about the other 97-99% of bad behavior? It may not be illegal, but inappropriate behavior can result in a substantial drain on an organization and is potentially more costly than you think. Here’s why: The cost of bad behavior Inappropriate behavior runs the full gamut from rude and unprofessional up… more >

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