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Less than two weeks after Gretchen Carlson filed her harassment suit against Roger Ailes, the powerful chairman of Fox News is reported to be leaving his employer with a healthy severance package. We may never know what happened. Yet, if Ailes leaves now, his name will be attached to the sexually offensive, retaliatory and, potentially illegal conduct alleged by Ms. Carlson.

Ironically, on June 20th, the EEOC issued a report …

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I recently tried on my son John’s glasses just to see how his vision compared to mine. What a shock – we’ve been looking at a different view of the same world. His close-up vision is great, but without glasses, he can’t see anything past the length of his outstretched arm. My distance vision is fine, but I need corrective lenses to see close-up.

Right now, we’re talking nationally about …

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Our tragedies in Orlando, Baton Rouge, St. Paul, and now Dallas have generated anger, fear, confusion, grief and despair. Many of us want to talk about these events with those we see and interact with most often – our coworkers. We believe such conversations can be positive; yet, we’re concerned the wrong words can permanently damage our relationships.

For some, the choice will be to avoid conversations for fear of …

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Words and acts have meaning. They start wars, lead to marriages and divorces, initiate and close deals, and affect what we say, do, think and how we respond to our daily life events. We witnessed their awesome impact again following the tragic events in Orlando, Baton Rouge, St. Paul, and now Dallas. I’ve updated this piece three times in the past two weeks struggling to find the right words while …

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Here are some quotes from a document I read last week:

“Workplace harassment remains a persistent problem.” … ““There is a compelling business case for stopping and preventing harassment” … “It starts at the top… leadership and accountability are critical” … “Training must change.”

As I kept reading I thought, those ideas are familiar—in fact they sound like what we’ve said in our ELI position papers and marketing brochures. But …

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