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Ask yourself this question: When your organization plans a training initiative, which of these two statements is closer to the truth:

  1. We are holding the training so we can say we did it and have proof in case we are sued.
  2. We are planning the training to have an impact on daily behavior which extends beyond the event itself.

If your organization is planning to train in order to build …

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Individuals spend billions of dollars every year trying to lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, and change their habits. Even when they commit time and precious resources, their efforts are more often than not unsuccessful. It may work for a time but without a constant focus, sadly, bad habits return.

In our workplaces, bad habits and behaviors create major hazards. Violations of the law, unsafe workplaces, poorly made products, and …

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Maintaining a focus on compliance is a proven way to prevent problems. Compliance can detect and correct problems if and when they arise. This model, recognized throughout law enforcement, also recognizes that it is unrealistic to expect that all problems will be prevented.

The best way for this model to work is for everyone to understand that they are personally responsible for preventing, detecting and correcting problems. Yet, our compliance …

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Minimizing lawsuits is an important, but insufficient goal. Organizations can live, though painfully, with the cost of lawsuits and claims and damages. What they can’t live with though are the costs that occur from the behaviors that spawn lawsuits which exist as underlying business problems.

Lack of focus, attention to detail, safety issues, quality, morale, cohesiveness, and teamwork; all these problems can grow in the presence of lawful or quasi-lawful …

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Less than two weeks after Gretchen Carlson filed her harassment suit against Roger Ailes, the powerful chairman of Fox News is reported to be leaving his employer with a healthy severance package. We may never know what happened. Yet, if Ailes leaves now, his name will be attached to the sexually offensive, retaliatory and, potentially illegal conduct alleged by Ms. Carlson.

Ironically, on June 20th, the EEOC issued a report …

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