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Train-the-trainer programs are designed to help professionals responsible for providing training within an organization. The program prepares a trainer by teaching the curriculum, learning methodologies, and content of a program. These programs provide a time-tested approach to accessing a proven curriculum and the opportunity to learn facilitation skills directly from course experts. Experience is the Best Teacher Train-the-trainer programs help participants learn program content. Equally as important, they provide a chance to gain valuable facilitation experience. Learning the most effective methods to present the material, encourage engagement, respond to challenges, and connect the program to workplace experiences is critical. Having… more >

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I started ELI 30 years ago this year, and, as you can imagine, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on the business and how it’s evolved over time. It’s been incredible to watch so many organizations build professional, fair, inclusive environments by incorporating their own values with our Civil Treatment® products. Have any of you wondered what it must be like to actually work for the company that develops and sells Civil Treatment®? I’ve had many great experiences with the people at ELI, and I’m proud to share one with all of you that began early last year. The… more >

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The learning and training industry is ever-changing, so it’s important to stay current on issues that may impact the focus, development, support or effectiveness of your efforts. Here are some recent articles we found interesting and helpful: Professors’ Group Says Efforts to Halt Sexual Harassment Have Stifled Speech The growing federal emphasis on combating sexual harassment on campus, along with universities’ broadening definitions of inappropriate sexual behavior, has had a chilling effect on academic freedom and speech, especially on female professors in areas like gender studies, a report released on March 24, 2016 by the American Association of University Professors… more >

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I just spent a memorable two days walking the Gettysburg battlefield attending The Conference Board’s Leadership Development Experiential Program.  Our group, drawn from several organizations, read and studied before we met; we received incisive battlefield histories delivered by Tony NiCastro, a military historian.  Dick Richardson, Jeff Jackson, and David Hutchens, all from Experience to Lead, facilitated our sessions. The Gettysburg Battle occurred July 1-3, 1863 as Confederate forces moved in to Pennsylvania to face the Union army. Neither side expected that the massive battle that followed would be the largest, most lethal conflict of a four-year war. As we broke into… more >

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The San Francisco Police Department announced on April 28th that all officers will undergo mandatory implicit bias training. The order stems from its recent investigation of outrageous verbal statements and photographic images shared via online communications by members of the police. As examples, black people were referenced as ‘savages” and Latinos as “beaners”. Other content is even more blatantly derogatory and also targeted members of the LGBT community. Several officers have been dismissed. There’s no doubt that all of us live with some levels of implicit bias, e.g., unconscious prejudices which drive our actions. Implicit bias training can accomplish a… more >

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