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I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve heard an executive say “In order to help us you’ve got to know our culture. We know it best; you’ll never understand.” True, each organization has its own history, but their problems are often the same.

A hospital may have a different mission than a financial firm, but they frequently face the same issues in terms of leaders who don’t act as …

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We live in an era of uncertainty, and the risk to companies that comes from uncivil and illegal behavior is substantial. Linking behavioral change to business survival is critical for it to be seen as a primary, rather than collateral consideration.

Employees need to understand how unethical or illegal behavior destroys the fabric of the business. The law is not enough. Something greater than the threat of a lawsuit is …

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Combating uncivil or bad behavior is ultimately about workplace culture, values, and accountability. Here are some helpful resources and ideas to consider when it comes to your workplace environment and the overall health of your organization:

What Employers Should Know As Election Spurs Online Rants

With the race for the White House shifting into high gear, millions of Americans are sounding off about the state of the contest on social …

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In March of 2015, the EEOC launched a special task force to look at the issue of harassment in the workplace. After more than a year of study, they’ve recently released their recommendations. Steve Paskoff, CEO and President, and Tucker Miller, VP of Client Consulting of ELI sat down with host Paula Garlen to discuss the report and offer their insight into the recommendations.

What did research conclude?

Workplace harassment …

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In part one of this series we uncovered five tips for making your training successful before you hire a training provider. Hopefully, that information was helpful to identify the kind of provider that is right for you. In this second post, we are going to explore five best practices for making the training a success after you’ve hired them. Let’s take a look:

1. Make your training provider your partner

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