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In March of 2015, the EEOC launched a special task force to look at the issue of harassment in the workplace. After more than a year of study, they’ve recently released their recommendations. Steve Paskoff, CEO and President, and Tucker Miller, VP of Client Consulting of ELI sat down with host Paula Garlen to discuss the report and offer their insight into the recommendations.

What did research conclude?

Workplace harassment …

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In part one of this series we uncovered five tips for making your training successful before you hire a training provider. Hopefully, that information was helpful to identify the kind of provider that is right for you. In this second post, we are going to explore five best practices for making the training a success after you’ve hired them. Let’s take a look:

1. Make your training provider your partner

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In a recent edition of the Report on Medicare Compliance, Managing Editor Nina Youngstrom explored how civility and culture tie into compliance. Youngstrom decided to focus on the topic after attending a webcast sponsored by the Health Care Compliance Association and the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics. During the webcast, guest speaker, and ELI Vice President Tucker Miller asked the central question: Are we talking about generally doing …

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Choosing a training provider seems like it should be a relatively simple task. Find the right content and all you need then is someone to deliver it. After all, training is training. Find the provider, schedule the classes and then you can figuratively “check the box” and it’s done. Right? In a word, “No.” Far from it.

Unfortunately, organizations deploying their training with this mindset don’t realize the cost and …

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In the July/August edition of the Harvard Business Review, Frank Dobbin, Professor of Sociology at Harvard University, and Alexandra Kalev, an associate professor of sociology at Tel Aviv University looked at Why Diversity Programs Fail and what works better.

Epic fail

Many of today’s organizations are working to reduce bias and increase diversity in the workplace. The problem, however, is that they’re using outdated strategies that are contributing …

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