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I just spent a memorable two days walking the Gettysburg battlefield attending a leadership program sponsored by Experience to Lead. Our group, drawn from several organizations, read and studied before we met; we received incisive battlefield histories delivered by Tony NiCastro, a military historian. Dick Richardson, Jeff Jackson, and David Hutchens ably led our sessions. The Gettysburg Battle occurred July 1-3, 1863 as Confederate forces moved in to Pennsylvania to face the Union army. Neither side expected that the massive battle that followed would be the largest, most lethal conflict of a four-year war. As we broke into groups at key… more >

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The San Francisco Police Department announced on April 28th that all officers will undergo mandatory implicit bias training. The order stems from its recent investigation of outrageous verbal statements and photographic images shared via online communications by members of the police. As examples, black people were referenced as ‘savages” and Latinos as “beaners”. Other content is even more blatantly derogatory and also targeted members of the LGBT community. Several officers have been dismissed. There’s no doubt that all of us live with some levels of implicit bias, e.g., unconscious prejudices which drive our actions. Implicit bias training can accomplish a… more >

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Many organizations are beginning to understand the magnitude and importance of dealing with unconscious bias, which raises questions about where it best fits within a corporate training program. When handled well, unconscious bias training will help employees challenge their assumptions so they can objectively make decisions that are in the best interest of the company. Handled poorly, it can be perceived as judgmental or controlling, and lead to an overwhelming sense that employees can’t even think without being biased. The big picture The topic of unconscious bias is important in itself, but the overall effect it has on your company’s… more >

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Curt Schilling just lost his job as a reporter for ESPN. The network fired the famed pitcher for making what it considered improper remarks about transgender issues, and re-tweeting a post with some comments added which it deemed inappropriate. He had been recently suspended for making remarks regarding Hillary Clinton. In the past, he had also made other comments which ESPN had considered out of bounds in light of his role and its business. There’s lots of debate about what’s acceptable to say and what’s not. The issue is often framed as stifling free speech by way of “political correctness.”… more >

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Mergers are a stressful time in the life of a company for both executives and employees as a whole. Fear of what the merger means for them and their future often leads to major distractions for your team. This uncertainty has the potential to pull their attention away from your business objectives and can ultimately put your overall business at risk. These new company dynamics will have a marked impact on the success of the merger or acquisition. What to do One of the most important things you can do in this situation is to anticipate this response. Know that… more >

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