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I had the honor and privilege to deliver the keynote presentation launching the City of Las Vegas’s annual three-day values conference for leaders and employees this past January. The City has held the conference since 2011.

The conference is part of the City’s commitment to live by its ACTION values: Achievement, Creativity, Teamwork, Integrity, Ownership, Now. These words give leaders and team members alike clear directions as to how to …

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What do you think of when you hear the word “code?” It could be the Internal Revenue Code, The Code of Military Justice, the Napoleonic Code or various state, federal and local building codes.

All are specific requirements which are intricate, complex, and frequently must be interpreted by experts. No one expects that these codes can be understood, much less committed to memory by non-experts through a single reading.

Corporate …

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Civility seems to be on everyone’s mind lately – at least it has to the audiences I have been speaking to about building inclusive, productive workplaces. As we mark Presidents’ Day this month, it hit me where to look for a role model whose guiding principles we can all follow to better communicate and relate to our colleagues and coworkers.

Let’s start by recognizing that human beings have flaws. That’s …

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As 2017 starts, a new administration will assume responsibility for leadership and direction of the federal government. Many federal employees are concerned as to how top-level staffing and policy changes will affect the security of their jobs and the climate in which they will work. In the federal government, maintaining behavioral standards of professionalism and civility is vital for effective performance no matter what happens in any election cycle. In …

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It’s not what you’re taught, it’s what you learn and apply that makes a difference.

Throughout high school, college, and law school I was taught a good bit. I memorized countless dates, facts, and details. However, once the test was done and I had passed a course or the bar exam, I quickly forgot.

In the workplace, we need to emphasize what employees need to learn and apply. It’s far …

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