2017 Trends and Issues Broadcast

March 2, 2017
3:00 PM – 3:45 PM EST

Certified Instructor Community Webcast featuring Amy Auffant, Esq.

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Which emerging workplace trends are likely to impact your Civil Treatment® Workplace into 2017?

Join our complimentary Certified Instructor Community webcast to discuss workplace developments we are keeping our eye on in 2017 due to their impact on the CT Workplace.

During the webcast, we will:

  • Explore developments of 2017 having the most impact on workplace behavior and hindering leaders from maintaining civil, professional, and inclusive workplaces
  • Discuss strategies for weaving these trends into your Civil Treatment training

Please join the conversation! We want to help you anticipate issues that might arise in discussions with your leaders and employees during your own Civil Treatment classes.


Amy Auffant, Esq.

Master Certified Facilitator
Auffant Group, LLC

Paula Garlen

Director, Implementation and Delivery

Join us for this helpful webcast as we explore developments that impact workplace behavior!